“Stacking Green” in Vietnam

In an attempt to add more greenery to the lives of people who live in urban areas, Vo Trong Nghia architects have designed a building with front and rear walls made entirely from concrete planters and vegetation.

Located in the tropical climate of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the plants allow for natural ventilation, cooling the building while also offering shade and privacy. They also offer an environmental benefit, filtering the polluted air from the adjacent street before it enters the home.

Inside, the residence is relatively modest, with natural wood flooring and side walls complimenting the organic facades. On the roof there is a small terrace, featuring a lawn, shrubs, and stunning views of the city below.


stackinggreen_house_03 stackinggreen_house_04 stackinggreen_house_05 stackinggreen_house_06 stackinggreen_house_07


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