In Rainbows is the seventh studio album by the English alternative rock band Radiohead. It was self-released on 10 October 2007 as a download via a pay-what-you-want model, followed by a standard CD release in most countries in the last week of 2007. The album was released in North America on 1 January 2008 onTBD RecordsIn Rainbows was Radiohead’s first release after the end of their contract with EMI and the end of the longest gap between studio albums in their career.

Recording with producer Nigel Godrich, Radiohead worked on In Rainbows for more than two years, beginning in early 2005. In between recording, the band toured Europe and North America for three months in mid-2006. The songwriting on In Rainbows was more personal than other Radiohead albums, with singerThom Yorke describing most tracks as his versions of “seduction songs”. Radiohead incorporated a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, using not onlyelectronic music and string arrangements, but also pianos, celestes, and the ondes Martenot.

Yorke has said that the album’s lyrics are based on “that anonymous fear thing, sitting in traffic, thinking, ‘I’m sure I’m supposed to be doing something else’ … it’s similar to OK Computer in a way. It’s much more terrifying.” At the same time, Yorke felt “there’s very little anger in In Rainbows. It’s in no way political, or, at least, doesn’t feel that way to me. It very much explores the ideas of transience. It starts in one place and ends somewhere completely different.” In another interview, Yorke said the album was “about the fucking panic of realising you’re going to die! And that any time soon [I could] possibly [have] a heart attack when I next go for a run.” – Wiki

Album Stream Below

1. 15 Step – 0:00
2. Bodysnatchers – 3:57
3. Nude – 8:00
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – 12:15
5. All I Need – 17:33
6. Faust Arp – 21:21
7. Reckoner – 23:32
8. House of Cards – 28:22
9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place – 33:52
10. Videotape – 38:01

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